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Customer Testimonials

Cloudvara has over 1,000 clients worldwide!

We are very pleased with our cloud provider Cloudvara. Our firm was one of the first clients of Cloudvara.
Cloudvara has a very professional IT staff which is always ready to help with any issues that arise. Wait time to receive technical assistance from Cloudvara is usually 5 minutes

Thomas Bales, CPA

Cloudvara’s responsiveness and knowledge of technical support is excellent.
I couldn't be happier with their services and would recommend them to other businesses without hesitation.

John Burke, CPA

Switching to the cloud is not an easy decision. My biggest concern was security but then our local server got hacked and I realized that a cloud service has better security features and back-up protection than our local server. I also have two offices, one in Orange County (OC) and the other in San Luis Obispo County (SLO). I decided to convert the SLO office first. The conversion had some rough patches but after two weeks it was successful. When I have IT issues I can “chat” with Cloudvara Tech support through their website 24/7 and usually have the issue resolved quickly.

We did our first tax season in the cloud with the SLO office with minimal issues. But connecting to our OC office through “remote computer” or “log-me-in”was frustrating and unreliable (connectivity and printing issues). At the end of our first tax season we then converted OC. With the click of an icon I can open the SLO server and the OC server and send print jobs to any printer. We just finished our second tax season and we did more production and worked less hours than the last several years which I attribute mostly to the improvement in our IT.

Robert Borish, CPA

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud computing, or more specifically “Cloud Hosting,” refers to the ability to have your IT
infrastructure managed by a third-party with servers located in secure data centers.

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Cloudvara has over 1,000 clients worldwide. Learn why our customers love us.

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